Mushroom Liquid Culture Instructions


Upon receiving the culture, store it in the refrigerator (unless it is Pink Oyster) until use to maximize the shelf life. Avoid freezing and hot temperatures. Liquid cultures will remain viable for 6+ months if properly stored.


KEEP IT CLEAN: Wash your hands before handling the syringe. It is best to use the syringe in the flow of a laminar flow hood or in a still air box (SAB). If you do not have either of those, perform the injection quickly in the cleanest room in your house that does not have a lot of air flow, like a closet or bathroom.

SHAKE IT: It is normal for the mycelium to clump together while at rest. Before injecting the liquid into substrate, shake the syringe vigorously to break up the clump of mycelium to distribute it evenly throughout the syringe.

INJECT IT: You may inject the liquid culture into sterilized grain jars/bags, substrate bags, agar petri dishes, or even another jar containing sugar water to create more liquid culture. Use the alcohol pad that is included to sanitize the injection port or bag before injection. There is no need to use the alcohol pad on the needle as it comes sterilized in its package. Be sure to flame sterilize the tip of the needle between injections.

Mushroom Liquid Culture Applications


We guarantee our liquid cultures 100%. You purchased our product with the expectation that you would receive an uncontaminated culture that produces mushrooms. We will deliver on that promise. If you have any issue with the product, be it slow growth or contamination, please reach out to us and let us make it right.

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Here is a link to the instruction sheet we include with all purchased liquid cultures: Mushroom Liquid Culture Instructions